Release Date : 29/03/19
Style : Funk/OST

Format 7”X2

THE BLACK WINDMILL – Released 1974,

Only released in 1999 as it was thought it wasn’t a sellable soundtrack. Now for the first time Dynamite Cuts are making a 2×7” 45 collection of some of these gems. The Black Windmill is very much on the same vibe as Stone killers. When I first heard “No Co-Operation” I almost fell off my chair!! In particular, the drums and dark strings (by the National Philharmonic Orchestra) lift this into another zone. In addition, the deep bass groove (this time featuring Daryl Runswick on bass) and killer horns, featuring more of the finest players from Budd’s stable, take this piece into the stratosphere! 

THE BLACK WIND MILL – Released 1974,

A) The Plant 3.10

B) Radio music 1.55

A) No Co-operation 2.53

B) Diamonds 2.09


Roy Budd Key boards – Harpsichord, Clavinet, Rhodes and Piano, EMS AKS

Paul Fishman – Electronic programmed & ARP 2600 Keyboard

Daryl Runswick – Bass & Double bass

Ronnie Verrell– Drums

Tristian Fry & Frank Barber – Percussion

Tubby Hays, Ronnie Scott, Kenny Baker – Horns on “Radio Music”

Orchestral parts: 1973 The National philharmonic led by violinist Sidney Sax

Dick Loosey – Engineer.

Roy Budd & Frank Barber – Arranger

Recorded at CTS Wembley

Kr. 219,-

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