Release Date : 29/03/19
Style : Funk/OST


DIAMONDS – Recorded 1976 

This score is pound-for-pound the funkiest with its heavy bass and drum groove throughout each movement of the score. Most of the pieces from this soundtrack also include killer samples and breaks, my favourites being  “The Diamond Fortress” with Ronnie Scott on solo sax and Chris Karan on Drums and “Thief On The Prowl”  featuring Tubby Hayes and Daryl Runswick on Bass. This release also has an exclusive edit. The Main Theme (vocal by The Three Degrees) and instrumental scores have been combined to deliver an unforgettable version of this great title theme. Now for the first time, Dynamite Cuts brings you yet another exclusive 2×7” 45 collection featuring some ofRoy Budd’s finest work.

DAIMONDS – Recorded 1976

A) Diamonds theme Main title/end titles

B1) The Thief 2.03

B2) The diamond fortress 2.15

A) Thief on the prowl 2.00

B) I think I’m being followed 2.40

DIAMONDS Musicians

Roy Budd Key boards – Harpsichord, Clavinet, Electric Piano

Paul Fishman – ARP 2600, Electronic programmed

Daryl Runswick – Bass & Double bass

Brain Daly & Judd Proctor – Guitar

Ronnie Verrell – Drums,

Tristian Fry – Percussion

Frank Riccotti – Vibraphone

Ronnie Scott – Alto Sax

Tubby Hayes – Baritone & Flute

The Three Degrees – vocals on “Diamonds theme”

String orchestral parts led by violinist Sidney Sax: 1974 The National philharmonic

Recorded at CTS Wembley

Roy Budd – Arranger

Engineer was John Richards

Kr. 219,-

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