Marked Vinyl – Stargates EP

RELEASE DATE : 15/06/2019 House / Deep House / Techno

Track Listing A1. Foundation A2. Greenfield Funk B1. Gaiahuasca B2. Slime

Ultra-limited to 200 copies worldwide.

A very special 4-track limited EP from Marked Vinyl, we begin with “Foundation”, a subtle, deep, hypnotic groover with enough sub-movement you know it works as soon as it starts.  Next up is “Greenfield Funk”, a late-night trip where varied synths and melodic keys decorate an unassuming unmissable bassline.  The third track here is “Gaiahuasca”, where pumping synths break into an all-encompassing acid bassline, as the shamans of the Amazon don the caps and sneakers of the City.  Lastly, we have “Slime”, a slice of freshest dub-techno in which spaced out analogue synths and rhythms meet the mother of all basslines before erupting into spine-tingling percussion.  Packaged in original artwork, and limited to 200 pieces worldwide, “Stargates EP” excels in quality content and variety, and signals the return with audio and visual treat from Marked Vinyl. 

Kr. 99,-

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