Antechamber – Rift

Release Date: 29th March 2019

Genre: Experimental / Techno

Format: Marbled 12″ Vinyl Kr. 109,-

Format: Marbled 12″ Vinyl w/ Numbered Insert & DL Card Kr. 149,-

Primarily known as Codex Empire, Mahk Rumbae slides his Antechamber project over to Horo for an EP of crushing, relentless stagger-tech. 

Following on from his s/t Antechamber debut for Instruments Of Discipline, Rift sees the artists minimalist brutality refined into an even more dominant language. From the nightmare grinds of Dagger Complex and Rift to the sinister rhythm of Repudiation and the conjuring ambience that emanates from Arch of Hysteria, the Rift EP offers an intimidating assemblage of doom laden sonics. The limited vinyl edition of this release is a 10″ cut onto a 12″ plate.

a1. Antechamber – Dagger Complex
a2. Antechamber – Repudiation
b1. Antechamber – Arch Of Hysteria
b2. Antechamber – Rift

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